The Board of Directors plays an important leadership, promotion, fundraising and strategy role for The Plaza Theatre.


Officers and Board of Directors


Henri-Ann Nortman, President
Henry Baade, Vice President/Operations
Sarah Wilkins, Vice President/Productions
Russell Kacer, Vice President/Communications
Cheryl Egmon, Treasurer
Quinn Wrench, Secretary

Julie Aaronson 

Tony Bone

Pamela Clapp

Rachel Helmick
Jami Hughes
Kirby Kacer
Molly Kresta
Hailey Roberson
Katrese Skinner
Sandy Wilkins


Plaza Staff Members


Darve Smith, Executive Director
Reagan Hlavinka, Admistrative Assistant 


Honorary Board Members


Candyce Byrne
Mystan Gurkin
Mary Ann Hensley
Jeanene D. Merka
Mike Mills
George H. "Bud" Northington, IV
Van Broughton Ramsey
Magdalena Rodriguez
Sally Soderquist